DAREED and SINFONIA: the two sides of the energy efficiency coin in Sevilla

On its way to becoming a Smart City, Sevilla has joined forces with other European cities to improve energy efficiency in buildings and increase the share of renewable energy generation in urban areas within two EU-funded projects, DAREED and SINFONIA. DAREED and SINFONIA are two sides of the same coin: the first project is currently focusing on ICT solutions to increase awareness on energy efficiency and foster investment in this field, while the second will give Sevilla the tools to replicate innovative measures related to energy-efficient building refurbishment and renewable energy integration. 


In the framework of the DAREED project, an online platform is currently being tested by Sevilla, Cambridge and Lizanello to improve energy efficiency in buildings by 7 to 10%. How will this objective be achieved? Data on energy consumption and CO2 emissions is collected via the DAREED platform and consumers are offered tailored advice to reduce their energy bill. Through its Marketplace tool, the platform can generate tailored tariffs, adapted to specific users’ energy consumption and to the needs of energy providers, that are profitable for both stakeholders. On the other side, information on the investment cost, repayment time and CO2 savings related to renewable energy projects are provided to citizens and policy makers via the RES Introduction tool. In addition, the platform is also including an Awareness tool, offering users the possibility to compare their energy consumption with the average consumption in the district and to receive some suggestions to save energy.


To encourage the replication of successful projects, users can also access a database of best practices related to energy efficient refurbishment and renewable energy projects through the platform. In Sevilla, this platform is currently being tested in private buildings, such as hotels and social housing apartment buildings, and public facilities, including sport centres and municipal buildings. In the framework of its Strategy for Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development, the city of Seville intends to reduce energy consumption in publicly owned social housing buildings by 28% by changing windows, introducing energy efficient lighting systems and sun blinds on most exposed façades. Furthermore, the city is currently working on innovative and energy efficient lighting solutions for its public sport facilities.


Already eight cities – including Amsterdam, Barcelona and Copenhagen – have been identified as potential replicators for the implementation of the DAREED platform. With the best practices collected in the framework of the SINFONIA project, Sevilla will be able to show the way towards more efficient energy use in urban areas. If you are interested in the initiatives of Sevilla towards sustainable urban development, you can click here to discover the city’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan or visit the DAREED platform.