SINFONIA replication tools presented in during EUSEW lunch webinars

At the occasion of the 11thedition of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, the SINFONIA project participated in a series of webinars about Smart Cities solutions organised by the My Smart City District cluster. These 45 minute webinars were held every day at lunch time during the EU Sustainable Energy Week (13-17 June 2016) and the format of learning at distance from projects attracted 110 participants across the five days. In that framework, the SINFONIA representative from Technofi, Karine Laffont, presented the replication tools currently being developed in the project.


Drawing on the experience of SINFONIA’s pilot cities, the Replication Team is preparing guidelines with a set of best practices and lessons learnt for the cities willing to replicate the innovative solutions implemented within the project. Furthermore, a SWOT online assessment tool allowing the cities themselves to evaluate their Strengths and Weaknesses, as well as the Opportunities and Threats before carrying out a Smart City project has been previously developed by EURAC. Because the technologies used in the pilot districts are not always replicable in other districts, due to differing climatic conditions or infrastructures, the project partners are also working on “district templates” gathering recommended refurbishment solutions for different types of district.


All these tools should give other European cities access to tested knowledge and useful resources in order to become more energy efficient and sustainable in the near future. For more information on the replication solutions, recordings of the webinars are now available on My Smart City District YouTube channel.