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Good practices for urban energy planning
“Each city is a unique combination of economic, social, environmental, and institutional conditions, which results in various needs, priorities, and capacities” for the development and implementation of smart energy solutions, say SINFONIA experts in Deliverable 2.2 entitled “Good practice district stimulator”.
International Conference on Smart Cities and Regions: call for abstract
Between 22 and 24 March 2017, SINFONIA project partner EURAC will organise the second edition of the international conference on Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions aiming to “inspire cities to transition towards a smarter and more sustainable future”.
EURAC highlights the potential of Smart Cities projects in the fight against climate change
SINFONIA project partner EURAC has noted a decrease of European investment in urban innovation, within a newly published study dedicated to the screening of European funding available for Smart Cities projects.
Auf dem Weg zur Smart City: Bozens Sozialwohnbauten werden energieeffizient
Im Rahmen des EU-Projekts SINFONIA sanieren Gemeinde und WOBI 422 ihrer Wohnungen. Heute wurden die Details vorgestellt 
Erste Vorbereitungen für den aktualisierten „Energiebericht der Stadt Rosenheim 2016“ sind gestartet
2016 wird die Stadt Rosenheim erneut einen Energiebericht auf Daten aus dem Jahr 2015 zum Energieverbrauch und zur Energieproduktion im Stadtgebiet veröffentlichen. Dazu haben erste Besprechungen stattgefunden
Zalău seeks sustainable renovation models for energy efficient building refurbishment
The Municipality of Zalău, located in the North-West of Romania at the feet of the Meses Mountains, has joined the SINFONIA and EU-GUGLE Replication Cluster , furthering the sustainable development of the city.
Borås plans its way towards a sustainable future
On 11 February 2016, the city of Borås, early adopter city of the SINFONIA project, has released a brochure introducing its Energy and Climate Strategy by 2035, thus accelerating its efforts on the way to becoming Sweden’s leading environmental municipality.
SINFONIA at Conference on Sustainable Renovation Models - Affordable comfort for smarter cities
SINFONIA will participate to the "Conference on Sustainable Renovation Models - Affordable comfort for smarter cities" organised by the city of Aachen on the 22th of April 2016 in the context of the EU-GUGLE project.
Alba Iulia joined the Replication Cluster
The central Romanian Municipality of Alba Iulia (66.400 inhabitants), located in Transylvania, has joined the Smart Cities Replication Cluster of SINFONIA.
D2.1 published
International Conference on “Smart And Sustainable Planning For Cities And Regions 2015”