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Rosenheim’s train station will soon host a new and fully equipped bike parking garage
As part of the Rosenheim’s railway station renovation project, a bike parking garage with around 900 parking spots was constructed at the Eastern side of Südtiroler Platz.
Energy efficiency and solar panels: Rosenheim renovates administration buildings
The administration building of the city of Rosenheim at Königstraße 15 was improved in terms of energy efficiency and use of renewable energies in the course of a general renovation.
New database launched in Rosenheim to foster the adoption of solar energy systems
The database allowing Rosenheim's citizens and businesses to calculate the profitability of a possible investment in an individual solar energy system has recently been updated. 
Brewing beer with solar energy: the innovative idea of Rosenheim
The photovoltaic system of the Flötzinger Brewery in Rosenheim has already been in operation for two years, since the end of May 2018.
Visit at the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability IBN in Rosenheim
Participants in the dissemination workshop organised within the Sinfonia project on 12.09.2019 visited the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability IBN in Rosenheim.
Measuring the price premium of energy efficiency: A two-step analysis in the Italian housing market
In Bolzano, experts from EURAC Research and University of Padova have studied the relatio between the residential property price and energy efficiency in the City of Bolzano, Italy.