Borås plans its way towards a sustainable future

On 11 February 2016, the city of Borås, early adopter city of the SINFONIA project, has released a brochure introducing its Energy and Climate Strategy by 2035, thus accelerating its efforts on the way to becoming Sweden’s leading environmental municipality. The new strategy complements the measures previously adopted to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the city by 2020.


Within this strategy, the city of Borås committed to create a resource efficient urban infrastructure, while increasing the local production of renewable energies to reduce its dependency towards fossil fuels. To achieve this goal, district heating based on biofuel and waste should represent the main source for heating in the municipality by 2035. In the transport area, the municipality plans to promote renewable fuels by using them in its own vehicle fleet. As for the industrial sector, increased energy efficiency should lead to lower GHG emissions.


In that sense, the participation of Borås in the SINFONIA project will enable the city to move towards more energy efficient buildings, thus reinforcing its potential to reduce energy related GHG emissions.


For further information, click below to download and read the full strategy.