Brewing beer with solar energy: the innovative idea of Rosenheim

Image by tookapic from Pixabay 


The photovoltaic system of the Flötzinger Brewery in Rosenheim has already been in operation for two years, since the end of May 2018. The system has an output of 420 kWp, and almost all usable roof areas have been filled with solar panels. For the brewery, the possibility of planning on a longer-term its electricity costs was a particularly important argument to implement the system. In 2019, the amount of electricity produced by the photovoltaics system amounted approximately 400 MWh, which corresponds to about 35% of the brewery's annual electricity consumption. During the dissemination workshop organised within the Sinfonia project in Rosenheim on 12.09.2019, the participants had the opportunity to visit the site.

Flötzinger Brewery, Source: Befliegung GIS Luftbilder, Stadtentwässerung Rosenheim, Febr. 2019.