First two local stakeholder meetings held in Bolzano

Local stakeholder involvement meetings are a mean to jointly improve the efficiency of Sinfonia activities.  During the meetings — which took place in Bolzano in October and November 2015 —  internal partners of the Sinfonia project presented specific contributions about the general contents of the project and/or their specific role in it. The main objective of the meetings is to stimulate a discussion between external and internal stakeholders, to compare the Sinfonia project development with the rest of the market, and to analyze the perceived effect of the project by the city. The two main questions were “Why building renovation market is so limited?” (1stmeeting, held on Oct, 14th2015 at the TIS innovation park of Bolzano) and “Do financial tools  exist, to support renovation projects  of multifamily buildings, and what’s their efficency?” (2ndmeeting, held on Nov, 27th2015 at the TIS innovation park of Bolzano).

An additional discussion topic was on how to promote actions to reply Sinfonia activities by private owners or in other public buildings. The stakeholders agreed that there are social, technical and above all financial problem to solve, often related to the lack of tools or related to the willingness of owners.

The local stakeholders involved in the discussion were, among others, Export Organization Alto Adige Südtirol, Confartigianato imprese, CAN-SVH, Associazione Italiana Amministratori Condominiali Immobiliari , Conf Cooperative, Associazione cooperative, Raffeisen and Volksbank.