School students tell us what the smart city of the future looks like at “Young University – day of action” 2017

After the success of the “Young University – day of action” 2015, the University of Innsbruck decided to renew the experience on the 21stof April 2017 with students from the schools refurbished as part of the SINFONIA project.  On this occasion, different institutes of the university and external institutions with a scientific and technical background presented their daily work to school children and teenagers and introduced them to a wide range of topics such as climate change and power consumption.  More than 300 students were informed about the works undertaken in SINFONIA using an interactive yet pedagogic approach.


As part of the event, a competition was organised on the topic "The smart city of the future", for which the most creative students shared their ideas on what cities of the future look like through 73 drawings and 63 written. Awards for this competition were distributed by the Vice-Mayor of Innsbruck on 8 Mai 2017 in the presence of teachers and parents, thus creating a multiplier effect on the social environment of the students.