New database launched in Rosenheim to foster the adoption of solar energy systems

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay 



The update and improvement of the database of the solar cadastre for the Rosenheim region has been recently completed at the beginning of May 2020. The data is available at for the area of the city of Rosenheim and for a number of participating municipalities in the Rosenheim district.


The solar cadastre provides neutral information on the possibilities of using one's own roof surface for heat supply with thermal solar collectors or electricity production using photovoltaics. After the place of residence and roof area have been selected and various parameters have been determined, the profitability of the investment can be calculated. It is possible to save or print out a summary of the results, e.g. as a basis for a discussion with an installation company.


The solar cadastre website includes information on the advantages of using renewable energies, technical details and calculation bases, as well as a video guide. The concrete steps towards the installation of individual photovoltaic or solar thermal system are also presented.


Solar potential of buildings in Rosenheim, source: