SINFONIA shares knowledge and disseminates first results in Cyprus

The SINFONIA project met in Cyprus on 1 June in Paphos, one of the project's five 'early adopter cities'. In order to engage with local stakeholders, Atlantis and Greenovate! Europe organised a public dissemination event in the Town Hall to present the project results and discuss how the city can benefit from the project’s experiences.


The event, moderated by Pambos Panayiotou, brought together municipal staff and other regional stakeholders directly engaged in urban development. The event concluded a two day meeting during which Greenovate! Europe, with support from Zabala, Technofi and Atlantis organised an internal world café session on how to maximise the project outreach.


The participants in the two world café sessions came up with interesting examples on how to turn Sinfonia results into stories with a unique selling point. The exercise aimed to support project partners to use such stories to better reach specific stakeholders through targeted channels.