The municipality of Pafos on its way to become a smarter city

In line with its participation in the SINFONIA project, the Pafos municipality has made a significant effort to upgrade existing infrastructure and services while creating new solutions to improve the quality of life of its citizens.


To promote the use of low-carbon transport systems, the city has modernised the public transport network by refurbishing the bus shelters and creating an electronic communication system, updating users about their waiting time via mobile apps. Additionally, the city has established a network of electric bicycles and created new charging points for electric vehicles.


At the same time, Pafos is also developing digital solutions to better inform citizens and visitors about life in the city. The municipality is providing free high-speed WiFi networks in central and tourist areas and has set up an online portal describing the city attractions and the services offered by individuals and local businesses.


In cooperation with twinned or partner towns (Herzliya, Israel; Amman, Jordan; Alexandria, Egypt; etc.), the municipality of Pafos is also trying to promote the creation of a regional New Technologies Research Centre in order to offer new opportunities from this sector to the local community.


On its way to become a smarter city, the municipality of Pafos aims to use the available information and communication technologies to improve the quality, performance and interactivity of urban services while reducing costs and resource consumption. As one of the follower cities of the SINFONIA project, the city of Pafos will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with the other cities involved in the project regarding the implementation of innovative urban processes in building refurbishment, district heating and cooling as well as electricity grids.