Three new renovation projects launched in Innsbruck


In Innsbruck, March 2018 was a fruitful month to kick-off renovation projects. At this beginning of Spring, refurbishment works have started in three new building blocks in the alpine city. In all these buildings, the planned retrofitting measures include thermal renovation of walls, ceilings and roofs, including the installation of triple-glazing windows.


For the tenants of the two buildings managed by the regional realt estate company Neue Heimat Tirol and located in Kärnterstraße and at the angle of Domaniweg, Lönsstraße and Mösslgaße, a new heating system using gas condensing technology will be installed in appartments equipped with a ventilation system. In addition, lights in all public spaces will be replaced with LEDs and hot water will be supplied via a new decentralised electric water heater supplied by a photovoltaic plant.


Between Schubertstraße and Mozartstraße, the last building block to be retrofitted as from March in Innsbruck is property of Innsbruck’s city real estate company IIG. To increase the buildings’ energy efficiency, experts are planning to add timber frame prefabricated elements, while installing solar thermal collectors on the roof for hot preparation.


In these three building blocks, the newly launched renovation works should lead to a 55 to 74% reduction in energy consumption.