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Since 2005, Bolzano (Italy, 100,000 inhabitants) has developed an ambitious investment plan for large scale urban refurbishment in collaboration with both public and private stakeholders. The work undertaken in SINFONIA is part of this plan, and aims to achieve 40% to 50% primary energy savings in the demo sites and to increase the share of renewables in the district of Bolzano SW (South West) by 20%



37,000m² of social housing from the 50s-70s will be retrofitted to achieve high energy performance and improve interior comfort while ensuring cost effectiveness and minimal impact on tenants. Measures include:


  • Building envelope insulation;
  • Integration of renewable energy sources for electricity, heating and domestic hot waterSolar PV panels; 
  • Additional storeys using innovative timber construction technologies.





The district heating & cooling network will be extended and optimised to reduce both the CO2 and the nitrogen equivalent emissions. Measures include:


  • Real time monitoring and forecasting of peak loads and energy demand;
  • Hybrid hydrogen/methane backup system;
  • Study on recovery of wasted energy from local industrial park.




Bolzano will implement an Urban Service-Oriented Sensible Grid (USOS-grid) system in the South West district for improved energy distribution control. Measures include:


  • Recharge points for vehicles and bicycles;
  • Meteorological stations for local climate condition monitoring;
  • Smart retrofitting of the public lighting system.


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Measuring the price premium of energy efficiency: A two-step analysis in the Italian housing market

In Bolzano, experts from EURAC Research and University of Padova have studied the relatio between the residential property price and energy efficiency in the City of Bolzano, Italy.

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