Smart Flowers FAR

Smart Flower FAR
Lithium ion accumulator with 8 kWh capacity
Demonstration site profile

Name and address
Public lake – Leisure facility Rossau
Archenweg 62
6020 Innsbruck


Type of installation
The innovative solar system works automatically and effectively thanks to its exceptional design and perfectly matched components. The extraordinary design and the innovative control enable a maximization of the yields. Thanks to smart tracking technology, the Smartflower unfolds completely automatically in the morning and follows the sun throughout the day with a 2-axis control of the sun. This increases the yield by up to 40% compared to a rooftop system. Smart cleaning and smart cooling also prevent otherwise usual losses due to heat accumulation and soiling of up to 15%. The plant will thus produce 3,400 - 6,200 kWh / yr depending on the region - which covers the

Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG


Smart Flower – PV system
4.62 kWp

Battery storage

8.0 kWhel


Detailed characteristics of the device / infrastructure / service
The project “Smart Flowers FAR” includes the following major components:

  • Smart Flower – PV system
  • battery storage
  • LED-outdoor lightning


The figure shows a simplified schematic representation of the project:

Energy solutions
As part of the "Smartflowers FAR" project, two innovative PV systems with a capacity of 2.31 kWp for each and a battery storage with a capacity of 8 kWh were set up near to the restaurant at the public lake Baggersee. Consumers are the nearby public lighting and the lighting of the adjacent parking area. In this concept renewable produced electricity is stored during daytime and is used for lighting at night. In the event of a shortage, the power requirement is covered by the public grid.

Technologies considered in the design
Smart Flowers – PV system:
To increase renewable electricity production on site, two Smartflower solar systems with 2.31 kWp each were installed. The Smartflower rotates with the help of a 2-axis tracking system and follows the course of the sun using GPS to optimize energy production.

Battery storage:
As technology, a lithium-iron-phosphate battery was used. The modular battery system has a total capacity of 8 kWh and a lifetime of about 5,000 charging cycles.

Performance targets
Expected amount of produced electricity: 6,250 kWh/a
Expected amount of reduced CO2: 2,6 t/a

Financing model
Direct investment of IKB 85%, national grant: 10 % and EC grant: 5%


Contracting authority: IKB Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG

Project manager: Sophia Neuner (IKB)

Manufacturer / supplier: Smartflower energy technology GmbH (Smart Flower); Solarworld (battery storage)

Cost breakdown
The total investment costs are in order of 26,000 €, Estimated payback time is: 21 a

Implementation planning

1 - Design: 01/2016

2 – Public procurement: 02/2016

3 – Completion: 05/2016

Work progress

Figure 1: Smart Flower close to public lake Baggersee

Figure 2: Lithium ion accumulator with 8 kWh capacity

Figure 3: Smart Flower control unit with GPS tracking


Monitoring System
The entire system has a web-based control system, which connects all components with each other. All measured values required for operation are recorded in the system. In order to assess the performance of the individual components, KPIs are calculated.

Monitored variables and figures
The following data is recorded for the Sinfonia project:

  • energy output [kWhel]
  • reduction of CO2 [t/a]
Life cycle analysis

Estimated lifetime

PV plants: 20 yrs
Battery storage: 8 yrs

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Building owner

IKB Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG


Smartflower energy technology GmbH (Smart Flower)
Solarworld (battery storage)


Sophia Neuner (IKB)

Project Manager