Database of best available practices in energy-efficient refurbishment

SINFONIA has developed a public database to gather descriptions of retrofit solutions and their evaluations from the 20 refurbishment projects under implementation in the demonstration cities of Bolzano and Innsbruck. This shall serve as guidelines for any other city interested in planning large scale retrofit projects, but also for small housing companies and all others involved into the design processes owners.




This tool is aimed at all cities preparing a refurbishment project, but also at small housing companies and private building owners who have limited resources to find comparative information on retrofitting options.


The user interface to enter new data has been designed for the SINFONIA partners, so they can enrich the database as more results from the demonstrations become available.


The database covers refurbishment measures addressing two distinct dimensions of buildings:


  • The building envelope (e.g. windows, thermal insulation)
  • Building services (e.g. heating, ventilation)


The user can search the database per building type (residential, commercial, etc), age of construction and location, but also per type of refurbishment measure (wall, roof, ventilation…).


For each refurbishment measure described, technical parameters related to the energy efficiency are provided (U value for instance). In addition, a qualitative assessment of the measures is performed on dimensions such as cost, ecological impact, legal affairs, or technical feasibility.


The tool is available at: