Guidelines for multi-functional façades

To get the tenants on board with energy-efficient renovation projects, minimising disturbances for building occupants and reducing refurbishment time was of particular importance for Sinfonia partners. In that regard, multifunctional prefabricated façades offer a very interesting and sustainable solution for building renovation.

Within the Sinfonia project, partners from EURAC Research and NOI TechPark have developed new prefabricated façade modules for energy-efficient renovation, which can be easily installed on existing façades to improve their energy performance. To reduce renovation time, these façades are prefabricated off-site, using timber, an environmentally friendly material which facilitates the recycling process.

The prefabricated façades are also multifunctional, and can integrate multiple components, such as new windows, decentralised ventilation units, or solar thermal panels. Within the Sinfonia project, 224 of these prefabricated multifunctional façade modules, covering a total surface of 3,000 m², have been installed for the first time in two renovated apartment buildings in Bolzano.

This has resulted in the creation of:

An inventory of the multi-functional façade (MMF) solutions based on customized MMF composition

The result is a report reviewing existing experiences of the use of MFF façade systems, both from methodology and technology, and providing a summary of components typologies that can be integrated in façade.

It is freely available at EURAC Research website and the continuous collection of data and experiences from other cases ensures continuous improvement.

A protocol for the in-house laboratory tests of MFF

A report which describes and analyses the test procedure for the different composition of the multi-functional façade (MFF) for standardized laboratory testing.

The protocol could lead to a scientific publication. Furthermore, there is the possibility to test other components or façade system prototypes and mockup, thanks to further research project as well as applied to performance mockup of real buildings‘ facades.