Alba Iulia, RO

The Municipality of Alba Iulia located in Transylvania in the central part of Roamania has a population of 63.536 inhabitants. The municipality is a dynamic public administration, focused on turning Alba Iulia into a "green city" by smartly managing its resources and thinking long term in order to ensure a sustainable energy future.


In 2010, the Municipality of Alba Iulia joined the Covenant of Mayors initiative and committed to reduce the CO₂ emissions in its territory by 24% from 2008 to 2020. To reach this target, the public authorities of Alba Iulia have released a Sustainable Energy Action Plan including measures for more energy efficient buildings. As a result, the municipality has already implemented several measures regarding renewable energy generation with the installation of over 1,700 photovoltaic panels atop four public buildings. In cooperation with the city’s public transport society, the municipality has also carried out a project entitled ‘Smart Move in the Metropolitan Area of Alba Iulia’ and is promoting the use of low carbon transport systems. In addition, the city is participating in the EU’s E-Mobility project and intends to purchase more sustainable public transport vehicles.


Moreover, Alba Iulia is planning to be the first smart city in Romania by 2018. The pilot project "Alba Iulia Smart City 2018" is based on the development of public-private partnerships that will lead to the integration of value chains in various sectors, both at local and regional level. The ICT industry, associations, research and development institutes, universities as well as volunteers will work together to build the most modern and high-tech city in Romania. The project is related to the centenary celebration of the Great Union of Romania in December 2018.


The general objective of the public authorities of Alba Iulia is to maintain a high level of environmental protection and public health while contributing to the economic development of the city. By joining the Replication Cluster of SINFONIA and EU-GUGLE, Alba Iulia will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge with other cities on energy related issues and to further develop its initiatives in energy efficient building refurbishment.