Dobrich, BG

The municipality of Dobrich is situated in North-eastern Bulgaria, at a distance of 512 km from the capital. The population of the city is approximately 90 000 inhabitants. The city of Dobrich is an industrial centre with relatively well-developed agriculture in the surrounding area. Almost all kinds of industries are represented on the area of the municipality.


From 2001, the City Council of Dobrich municipality has developed and implemented several energy efficiency programmes. The city of Dobrich has committed to reduce its carbon emissions by 25% in comparison to the year 2000 in the framework of its Sustainable Energy Action Plan for 2020. In addition, the participation of the municipality of Dobrich in the IMAGINE-Low energy cities project gave the city the opportunity to prepare its “Imagine Dobrich 2050 Roadmap”. Many projects for energy efficiency rehabilitation of schools and kindergartens, fuel switch to natural gas and reconstruction of the street lighting system were performed within the implementation of the aforementioned strategic documents.


 Key targets

  • Reduction of carbon emissions by 25% by 2020
  • Improving energy efficiency in public and private buildings
  • Setting up an energy management system


The overall objective of Dobrich is to improve quality of life and energy comfort for all at lower costs through achieving of decentralised renewable energy supply and through implementing integrated energy efficiency measures.