Putifigari, IT

The city of Putifigari is located in Sardinia, Italy, and has a population of approximatively 1000. Due to its insular location, the city cannot be connected to the natural gas network and the development of renewable energy sources and energy efficient solutions is thus of crucial importance in the region.


In 2011, Putifigari joined the Covenant of Mayors initiative and committed to reduce its CO2 emissions by 24% by 2020 to foster the transition towards a low carbon society. To translate this commitment into practical actions, the city Council has designed a Sustainable Energy Action Plan in 2013 that should help with the implementation of energy efficient measures and the development of renewable energy. As part of the measures planned, the city has already evaluated the municipal buildings’ electricity consumption as well as the energy needs related to the transportation sector. In the framework of the CASE Mediterrannee project, the city of Putifigari has already participated in cross-border knowledge sharing activities in the field of energy efficiency and contributed to the production of guidelines on energy efficient renovation strategies. In that framework, a pilot site located in Putifigari has also been refurbished.


As a Replication City, the city of Putifigari intends to benefit from the experiences of the SINFONIA and EU-GUGLE pilot cities to update its own smart renovation strategy and implement innovative and affordable solutions for energy efficient building refurbishment.

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Prof. Ing. Andrea Frattolillo
Ph.D. Ing. Costantino Mastino

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