Stirling, UK

The city of Stirling is located in the central part of Scotland and has a population of approximately 45,000 inhabitants. As the third fastest growing city in Scotland, Stirling intends to pave the way towards a sustainable urban development.


In order to wisely manage the energy used in the city, Stirling is working actively to improve the energy efficiency of the municipality’s buildings and increase renewable energy generation. As part of these efforts, Stirling has installed an energy-efficient public lighting system using 13% less energy than the previous system and carried out energy audits on municipal buildings. In addition, solar panels, solar water heaters and energy-efficient air-conditioning systems have been installed in the municipality’s buildings. In the future, the city of Stirling intends to continue incentivising citizens to participate in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in order to further decrease the municipality’s energy consumption.


In the framework of the Replication cluster, the city of Stirling will share experiences with other European cities on how to involve tenants in energy-efficient refurbishment projects.

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Amy Brown

Low Carbon Officer

Scottish Cities Alliance

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