Torres Vedras, PT

Torres Vedras is a Portuguese municipality located in the Centro region, approximately 50 km north of the capital Lisbon, and has a population of approximately 80,000 inhabitants. Thanks to its location, which includes 20 kilometres of coastline, the city has a real potential for renewable energy generation including wave energy technology, solar and wind energy. In fact, the city already has 9 large wind farms, producing over 100% of the total electricity consumption of the region.


As the city’s housing stock is mainly composed of poorly insulated buildings, the municipality is committed to implement innovative, smart and energy efficient building solutions. This ambition extends to the city’s public lighting system and electricity distribution grid, while Torres Vedras is also seeking an alternative system to improve the performance of urban cooling and heating systems.


In 2015, the city was awarded with the ‘European Green Leaf’ for its commitment to better environmental outcomes. With its mobility strategy aiming to diagnose the weaknesses of its transport system and define a set of measures to improve the mobility and the quality of life of its citizens, the municipality of Torres Vedras is already moving towards a smart transportation system. Within the Replication Cluster, the city of Torres Vedras will have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with other cities on smart solutions to reduce CO2emissions and improve the quality of life in European cities.