Tailored concepts for energy efficient refurbishing of buildings and smart districts

As part of the Sinfonia Smart City Initiative, detailed information on major topics related to highly energy efficient refurbishment have been collected in this report in order to help other cities and district taking the right decisions in the implementation of their own refurbishment projects. These guidelines focus on building thermal envelope, building services engineering, household electricity systems and standardisation of energy efficient processes. A detailed description of specific refurbishment solutions such as prefabricated timber framed façades, smart integration of ventilation systems, and energy efficiency in electricity systems are also covered by this report.


In addition to these guidelines, three tools, developed by the Passive House Institute and CasaClima, partners of the Sinfonia project, are also provided in the Annexes of the report:

  • The Thermal Bridge catalogue (Annex A)
  • The Condensation Tool (Annex B)
  • The CasaClima refurbishment guidelines (Annex C)