A display to enhance tenant's energy behavior

Credit: EURAC

The implication of the civil society and their education is crucial for the forthcoming of European cities. Aligning with this objective several tools have been developed to dynamically include house tenants in the project. A good example of these tools is the displays installed in every house of the Sinfonia project used by the tenants to better understand their energy consumption.

From the 22nd to the 25th of January our partners from EURAC, working within Sinfonia, exhibited several displays imitating the ones installed for the tenants in the refurbished apartments. For three days, the participants of the Klimahouse Fiera in Bolzano had the opportunity to get to know how this app developed by EURAC which helped the tenants of the Sinfonia project saving energy and money. By monitoring their consumption, this tool helps tenants to better understand their energy consumption, and  to manage it in a more efficient manner.