Inspiring apartment visits organised for students in Bolzano


Bolzano is inspiring its young visitors to opt for energy efficient apartments. On 9 May, the Institute for Renewable Energy EURAC Research invited a group of 30 students from the Technical Secondary School of Colburg in Germany, to visit the apartments refurbished in the city in the framework of the Sinfonia project. The apartments visited are part of social housing buildings from the 50s and 70s located in via Brescia and via Palermo in Bolzano. The buildings recently went through a deep renovation process that resulted in significant savings going up to 70% of the building’s energy consumption. Additionally, over 50% of the energy consumption in each of the buildings is covered by renewable energy sources, such as solar thermal systems for hot water production.


In total, 37.000 m2 have been refurbished in Bolzano within the Sinfonia Smart City Initiative, to achieve high energy performance and improve interior comfort while ensuring cost-effectiveness and minimal impact on tenants.

Credit: EURAC Research