Toolkit for stakeholders’ involvement

SINFONIA has developed an online knowledge database capitalising insights and experiences about stakeholder involvement in smart city projects.


The tool is available here.


The database gathers good practices on how to get stakeholders involved in a smart city plan, built upon the experience gained in implementing such plans in the cities of Innsbruck and Bolzano.


The tool gathers know-how on social and socio-economic aspects, as well as documentation and evaluation of stakeholder involvement activities in the two cities. The website also provides some generic lessons learnt, challenges and recommendations for other cities, with the ambition to facilitate replication in the future.


The database can be accessed through a large number of entries, clustered in five categories:

  • Spatial scales: building, district, city
  • Process: from conception to implementation and follow-up
  • Methods, i.e. mode of interaction with the stakeholder
  • Stakeholder groups: from the general public up to end users – tenants, schools and energy providers
  • Subjects: district heating, electricity grid and building refurbishment 


A user-friendly interface allows to easily navigate among the different entries.