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Brewing beer with solar energy: the innovative idea of Rosenheim
The photovoltaic system of the Flötzinger Brewery in Rosenheim has already been in operation for two years, since the end of May 2018.
A Smart Future for cities: join the conference in Bolzano
From 23 to 25 January 2019, Sinfonia partner CasaClima will organise a three-day conference entitled “Smart Future” in the city of Bolzano, Italy.
Innsbruck innovates for smart energy management
On 4 December 2018, partners from the Innsbrucker Kommunal Betriebe (IKB), members of the Sinfonia Smart City initiative, inaugurated the Innsbruck Smart City Lab.
Vienna bets on solar to reach passive energy standards
Ambitious international projects, such as the EU-GUGLE and Smarter Together initiatives are currently running in Vienna to make of the Austrian capital a “Smart City”.
Innsbruck witnesses to its experience in the SINFONIA project
Partners from the pilot city Innsbruck have published an article in a local newspaper on 1 May 2017 to witness to their participation in the SINFONIA project and encourage other cities in Austria and abroad to engage in sustainable and smart urban development.
Innsbruck testing innovative technologies for biomass gasification
Moving one step forward in its transition to become a Smart City, SINFONIA pilot Innsbruck has installed a novel biomass gasification CHP plant in the neighbourhood of the waste water treatment plant.
Good practices for urban energy planning
“Each city is a unique combination of economic, social, environmental, and institutional conditions, which results in various needs, priorities, and capacities” for the development and implementation of smart energy solutions, say SINFONIA experts in Deliverable 2.2 entitled “Good practice district stimulator”.
The 2016 Rosenheim Energy Report in preparation
In 2016 the city of Rosenheim will publish a new report about the enery consumption and enery production based on the year 2015. Initial meetings concerning the accounting took place, and the full report is expected to be published in autumn this year. 
2nd Smart City Dialog held in Innsbruck
Building integrated solar architecture to drive the future of the photovoltaic industry
In Austria, the SINFONIA partner ATB-Becker is developing various technological solutions to integrate photovoltaic systems in façades architecture.
Spanish smart cities meet in Bilbao to share experiences on sustainable urban development. Last chance to join!
What does it mean to become a “smart city”? And, more importantly, how to go about it? On the 19thof May, the smart cities of Bilbao, Vitoria, Valladolid, Mogel and San Sebastian will meet in Bilbao to share their experiences with national and European stakeholders, and discuss how to make cities more energy efficient and better places to live in.