Documents from Bolzano

Via Castani

Click on the picture above to find out more about the energy efficient renovation of the building located via Passeggiata dei Castani in Bolzano, owned by the Municipality. More than 7.364m² refurbished with high energy efficiency standards and improved comfort for tenants!

Via Brescia / Via Cagliari

IPES is renovating no less than 106 dwellings (9.400m²) in via Brescia and Via Cagliari in Bolzano with high energy efficiency standards. Click on the picture above to download the detailed factsheet! 

Via Similaun

Find out more about the energy efficient renovation of the housing complex located Via Similaun in Bolzano. A project led by IPES in the Don Bosco Quarter, aiming at reducing the energy consumption from 212kWh/m²/year to about 61 kWh/m²/year (without contribution from renewables)

Via Palermo

The building is located in Via Palermo, on the opposite yard side adjacent to Via Brescia building, included in Sinfonia Project too. The buildings, built in 1960, are made up of several adjacent and articulated volumes and gathers thirty-eight medium-large sized dwellings. Renovations will bring energy consumption from 204kWh/m²/year to just 60kWh/m²/year. 

Via Aslago

The buildings located in via Aslago consist of four buildings arranged in six civic numbers (25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35). The number 27 was built in 1951 while all the others in 1961. All buildings have 4 floors dedicated to dwellings with pitched roofs. Main entrances lead also to the basement rooms that serve as cellars for the apartments above