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Assessing Multiple Benefits of Housing Regeneration and Smart City Development: The European Project SINFONIA
Follwoing the end of the SINFONIA project, experts from EURAC Research published an article "Assessing Multiple Benefits of Housing Regeneration and Smart City Development: The European Project SINFONIA". 
Energy efficiency and solar panels: Rosenheim renovates administration buildings
The administration building of the city of Rosenheim at Königstraße 15 was improved in terms of energy efficiency and use of renewable energies in the course of a general renovation.
Visit at the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability IBN in Rosenheim
Participants in the dissemination workshop organised within the Sinfonia project on 12.09.2019 visited the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability IBN in Rosenheim.
Measuring the price premium of energy efficiency: A two-step analysis in the Italian housing market
In Bolzano, experts from EURAC Research and University of Padova have studied the relatio between the residential property price and energy efficiency in the City of Bolzano, Italy.
Full scale demo apartment showcased at the Long Night of Research
On 27 September, partners from EURAC Research showcased the latest energy efficient building refurbishment solutions developed within the Sinfonia Smart City Initiative at the Long Night of Research in Bolzano.
Behaviour change: how to increase the impact of energy efficient renovation projects?
On 5 December 2018, the Sinfonia Smart Cities Initiative was presented by partners from EURAC Research in an online discussion focussed on challenges related to behaviour change.
Good practices for effective stakeholder engagement: explore our database of solutions
Discover our online knowledge database of good practices and lessons learnt from the Sinfonia Smart City Initiative.
Sinfonia model showcased at Cities for Excellence conference
The example of the Sinfonia Smart City Initiative was presented by EURAC at the Cities for Excellence conference on 11 October in Brussels.
Via Passeggiata dei Castani shines in Austrian news
On 23 September 2018, the Austrian newspaper ‘derStandard’ published a full-page article dedicated to the social housing building located Manuel Benedikter, which is currently being renovated as part of the Sinfonia project.
How to deal with prefabricated wooden structures? What are the technologies used, their manufacturing and what are the advantages?
Many companies of the construction sector attended the working table on the 14 September 2018 dedicated to the experiences of #risanamento with prefabricated #facade
Supporting renovation: what role for policy makers?
On 8 March 2018, experts from the Passive House Institute working on the Sinfonia project organised a dedicated workshop for policy makers to share experiences on energy efficient renovation projects.
Fossil fuel free energy for Bolzano families
Following a successful renovation process carried out in the framework of the Sinfonia Smart City Initiative, a 7.100 square meters social housing building located via Passeggiata dei Castani in Bolzano is now producing most of its consumed energy on site, through local and renewable energy sources.
Maximising the outcomes of social housing retrofitting strategies, the case study of Bolzano
In Bolzano, experts from EURAC Research have studied tenant’s energy behaviours in the social housing buildings that are currently being renovated in the framework of the project.
Planning Europe’s transition towards sustainable urban areas
Following the second edition of the “Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions” international conference held between 22 and 24 March 2017 in Bolzano (Italy), a book comprising a selection of the top contributions presented during the event has been released by EURAC experts, Sinfonia project partners and organisers of the conference.
Three new renovation projects launched in Innsbruck
In Innsbruck, March 2018 was a fruitful month to kick-off renovation projects. At this beginning of Spring, refurbishment works have started in three new building blocks in the alpine city.
Multifunctional Facade: From Lab to Market
Researchers at Eurac Research have been working for a few years on the idea of prefabricated and multifunctional facades that facilitate the energy retrofit of existing buildings. Check out the video! 
Sinfonia at the “Day of the future. Tyrol 2018”, Innsbruck, 5 March 2018
Sinfonia was present at the “Day of the future. Tyrol 2018 – EUSALP | shaping.future.together. In the interest of the alps”. Partners Standortagentur Tirol and alpS had an interactive stand displaying the Sinfonia videos of the pilot cities Innsbruck and Bolzano, the movie of the wood-gasification-plant of IKB as well as the stakeholder toolkit of alpS.
Refurbishment in Bolzano, the Klimahouse Prespective
Social housing in Bolzano is becoming smarter. At a building site in Via Brescia/Cagliari, IPES is carrying out a very extensive energy refurbishment that involves almost all the architectural elements of the building, from the roof to the boiler room, passing through the façade, staircase areas, balconies, windows and various other systems. Read more! 
Innsbruck: how to combine 100 individuals’ needs in a successful renovation process
In Innsbruck, energy efficient building renovation is a collective challenge. For the city, educating citizens to understand the benefits of refurbishing their homes is a priority.
Bolzano: an apartment on display to show the benefits of energy recovery
At the IPES construction site in Via Cagliari, in one of the buildings being refurbished in the framework of the SINFONIA project, Eurac researchers have set up the temporary exhibition in a renovated apartment.
Rosenheim to assess progress towards 2025 energy targets
A new energy report will be published in Autumn 2017 in Rosenheim. The report will provide data on energy consumption and production levels, as well as on CO2 emissions recorded in the urban area.
"Energy Efficiency on the Road". Sinfonia at ENEA's energy tour!
On October 12th, Sinfonia took part in ENEA’s Energy Efficiency on the Road tour, hosted in Bolzano by NOI Technology Park.
Sestao: New outfit for Txabarri Street
In Sestao, five buildings have been selected to participate in the EU-GUGLE Smart City Initiative for energy-efficient building refurbishment. In April, renovation was completed in the first of these buildings.
DAREED and SINFONIA: the two sides of the energy efficiency coin in Sevilla
On its way to becoming a Smart City, Sevilla has joined forces with other European cities to improve energy efficiency in buildings and increase the share of renewable energy generation in urban areas within two EU-funded projects, DAREED and SINFONIA.
Cooperating for renovation: how to improve energy efficiency in Tampere limited liability housing companies
Citizen engagement and transparent decision making processes are at the core of the Smart City concept. In Tampere, tenant involvement has been a key factor for the successful renovation of over 32,000 square metres of living space.
"You just have to use your head". Clever and efficient buildings for everyone
Changing habits requires us to think, and it isn't easy. That's what the participants of the 21st International Passive House Conference in Vienna were challenged with during the opening plenary
SINFONIA shares its experiences in Athens
SINFONIA to take part in 1st Transnational seminar of EMPOWERING project on 4th of April 2017 and share its experiences of district scale energy refurbishment projects.
How has the IoT changed our cities?
Read our blogpost for the Smart Cities Information System website!   In the past few years, hundreds of cities around the world have become “smart”: or so they tell us. But what does it really mean?
“Smart eco-buildings and social housing – A reality check!” – 27 April 2017 – Vienna
On 27 April 2017, experts from three Smart City projects will hold a joint workshop in Vienna to share results and experiences on smart and sustainable refurbishment solutions.
Milan: deep renovation for significant energy savings
In the social housing building located at Via Fertinelli 16 in Milan, the inhabitants are enjoying a warm and comfortable winter thanks to the refurbishment work carried out within the EU-GUGLE project.
Essen Replication City winner of the European Green Capital Award 2017
The 8th European Green Capital Award has been granted to the city of Essen in Germany – member of the EU-GUGLE and SINFONIA Replication Cluster. 
SINFONIA database to foster knowledge exchange on energy efficient solutions
SINFONIA project partners have designed a web-based application allowing the project pilot cities to share good practices for energy efficient renovation with other interested cities.
The keys of success for Smart City projects
Smart city projects are crucial to the transition towards a low carbon economy in Europe. In that sense, it is of importance to identify the factors of their success as well as their weaknesses to improve the conditions of their implementation and guarantee more efficient results.
Successful refurbishment of a residential building in Bratislava
In Bratislava, EU-GUGLE project partners have successfully achieved the renovation of a residential building located on Pavla Horova 17-19.
Identifying and exploiting the results of Smart City projects
Three deliverables have recently been published on the “Knowledge Centre” of the SINFONIA website.
SINFONIA featured in the main Spanish energy efficiency newsletter
The portal, a major source of information on energy efficiency in Spain, has published on its website an article featuring the SINFONIA project on 2 September 2016.
Bolzano's promotional video online!
Partners from Bolzano/Bozen have released their SINFONIA promotional video. Have a look! 
SINFONIA replication tools presented during EUSEW lunch webinars
At the occasion of the 11thedition of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, the SINFONIA project participated in a series of webinars about Smart Cities solutions organised by the My Smart City District cluster.
Zalau seeks sustainable renovation models for energy efficient building refurbishment
The Municipality of Zalău, located in the North-West of Romania at the feet of the Meses Mountains, has joined the SINFONIA and EU-GUGLE Replication Cluster , furthering the sustainable development of the city.
Info Day on Smart City Seville: achieving affordable comfort to be held on 10 June
The City of Seville is pleased to invite you to an Information Day on smart urban development on the 10thof June, organised in cooperation with EMASESA as part of the SINFONIA project.
Second round of tenant meetings in Bolzano
Between the 8thand 10thof March last month, a second round of meetings with tenants was held in Bolzano. Participants were informed of the status of the different energy improvement projects.
Borås plans its way towards a sustainable future
On 11 February 2016, the city of Borås, early adopter city of the SINFONIA project, has released a brochure introducing its Energy and Climate Strategy by 2035, thus accelerating its efforts on the way to becoming Sweden’s leading environmental municipality. 
SINFONIA at Conference on Sustainable Renovation Models - Affordable comfort for smarter cities
SINFONIA will participate to the "Conference on Sustainable Renovation Models - Affordable comfort for smarter cities" organised by the city of Aachen on the 22th of April 2016 in the context of the EU-GUGLE project.
SINFONIA is a ‘Case Study of Excellence’ at SMAU
SINFONIA has been selected as a ‘case study of excellence’ by the SMAU Padua Innovation Award 2016.
Alba Iulia joined the Replication Cluster
The central Romanian Municipality of Alba Iulia (66.400 inhabitants), located in Transylvania, has joined the Smart Cities Replication Cluster of SINFONIA.
Retrofitting launched in two more buildings in Innsbruck
The housing companies Innsbrucker Immobilien Gmbh & Co KG and Neue Heimat Tirol have started the retrofitting of two residential buildings, forming part of the SINFONIA project, in Innsbruck. 
Bolzano and Innsbruck: Setting an Example for Smart Cities in the Euregio
At the Klimahouse 2016 national trade show for Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building, the managers of SINFONIA will present the project’s activities to interested representatives from cities in the Euregio. The event will take place at the Bolzano Fiera, 28 January at 9:00am
First two local stakeholder meetings held in Bolzano
The first two local stakeholder meetings took place in Bolzano in October and November 2015, wherby internal partners of the Sinfonia project presented specific contributions about the general contents of the project and/or their specific role in it to local stakeholders.
First deliverable published!
Deliverable 2.1 "SWOT analysis report of the refined concept/baseline" is the first deliverable published by SINFONIA
International Passive House Days 13-15 November
For three days, Passive House buildings around the world will have their doors open to visitors to show how these buildings and houses work and just how nice it is to live in an efficient and healthy home.
“Pre-fabricated facades – niche forever or mass market soon?” expert workshop
The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) and the two EU funded projects EU-GUGLE ( and MEEFS ( join forces to organised an expert workshop on pre-fabricated facades in Vienna on the 2nd November.
Replication Cluster kicks off in Bolzano
Bolzano (Italy), 27 May 2015 - The Smart Cities Replication Cluster of the SINFONIA and EU-GUGLE projects had a successful kick-off in Bolzano, with cities keen to exchange experiences on energy-efficient refurbishment projects.
Replication Cluster kick-off event in Bolzano
The Replication Cluster kick-off event will take place on the 27th of May in Bolzano. For the first time, it will bring together Demo cities and Replication Cities start exchanging knowledge and ideas on sustainable district refurbishment and engage in long term cooperation.
The SINFONIA brochure is here !
The new SINFONIA brochure is ready. You can download it HERE ! 
Workshop on energy efficient building materials, Turin, Italy
The ECO-SEE and HIPIN projects will held a joint workshop on Energy Efficient Building Materials on the 10th of March 2015, from 9:30 to 15:00 in Turin, Italy. 
First progress meeting in Innsbruck
The SINFONIA consortium gathered in Innsbruck on the 25-26 November for its first Progress meeting since the launch of the project 6 months ago. Led by coordinator SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, and hosted by Standortagentur Tirol and the City of Innsbruck, the meeting focused on integration and coordination.
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SINFONIA has joined the MY SMART CITY DISTRICT campaign, an initiative aimed at engaging European cities in knowledge exchange activities with pioneer cities such as Bolzano and Innsbruck...  but not only! 4 other EC-funded smart cities projects are also part of the campaign (EU-GUGLE, R2CITIES, ZenN, CITyFIED).
SINFONIA project kicked-off in Borås
The SINFONIA project – a five-year initiative to deploy large-scale, integrated and scalable energy solutions in middle-sized European cities –  was launched  on June 25th in the city of Borås, Sweden
International Conference on “Smart And Sustainable Planning For Cities And Regions 2015”
19/20 November: join the upcoming international conference on “Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions 2015” organised by the Institute for Renewable Energy of the European Academy of Bolzano/Bozen (EURAC)
Discover Innsbruck Smart City concept in a video!
The city of Innsbruck has released a video to explain how the city will turn into a Smart City and present the innovative solutions to be developed within the SINFONIA project.